Tuesday, November 17, 2009

World SHAME !!!

Denmark is a big shame   The sea is stained in red and in the mean while its not because of the climate effects of nature. 

It's because of the cruelty that the human beings (civilised human) kill hundreds of the famous and intelligent Calderon dolphins. 

This happens every year in Feroe island in Denmark . In this slaughter the main participants are young teens. WHY? To show that they are adults and mature.... BULLLLshit!!!

In this big celebration, nothing is missing for the fun. Everyone is participating in one way or the other, killing or looking at the cruelty “supporting like a spectator” 

Is it necessary to mention that the dolphin calderon, like all the other species of dolphins, it’s near instinction and they get near men to play and interact. In a way of PURE friendship   

They don’t die instantly; they are cut 1, 2 or 3 times with thick hocks. And at that time the dolphins produce a grim extremely compatible with the cry of a new born child.


But he suffers and there’s no compassion till this sweet being slowly dies in its own blood

Its enough! We will send this mail until this email arrives in any association defending the animals, we won’t only read. That would make us accomplices, viewers. 

Take care of the world, it is your home! 


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  2. The stone age people killed animals for their food.But killing the poor dolphins just for fun lools absurd.How can such people call themslves modernised. They are even worst than savages.

  3. There is a big part of me that hopes these images are false but I strongly suspect they are not.

    Very sad to see such wonderful and harmless creatures killed in this way and so unnecessarily.

    Shame on Denmark for not dealing with it.

  4. Isn't this tragic. This happens in Japan as well.